Prudent Proficiency

One of the potential player

in exhibition industry in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Radyatama focuses its exhibition business in commerce and retail, and together with Dyandra Promosindo that specializes in IT, Computer, and Automotive commit to organize exhibitions professionally. We are strongly confident we are capable to be an inspiration for our visitors and exhibitors, by being innovative and committed to be the best through each of our exhibition, and now we has strengthen our position as one of the potential players in exhibition industry in Indonesia.

Prudent Proficiency

Identical to dalang in wayang performance, that holds responsible for the success of the whole perfomance,
Radyatama is in charge for the whole chain of tasks in the preparation until the exhibition is executed successfully and gained positive responds, as well as inspiring to the visitors and exhibitors.
with professional attitude, mind-set and over ten years of expertise in organizing exhibition, we generates concepts that puts forward creativity and innovative thinking.

To stay ahead in the exhibition world, Radyatama empowering itself with comprehensive planning, and continous improvement of human resources
through education and training on exhibition industry within the country or overseas.

Radyatama looks forward to contribute considerably to the development of exhibition industry in Indonesia, and the world