a theatrical performance that generally presented as a final show in traditional celebrations in the land of Java,
its mountain-like figure inspires us that we transform into our logo


unity to bring the best performance to the audience



About Us

PT Kerabat Dyan Utama or more commonly known as Radyatama believes in the role of meticulous preparation behind the success of every exhibition we organize.It is the extent to our admiration to the philosophy of wayang where the dalang as the director of the show prepares each of the wayang figures, the story, the songs, and supporting performers as a unity to bring the best performance to the audience

Radyatama : Professional Exhibition Organizer


Rising demand for distinctive characterized exhibitions with international quality and standard in Indonesia, creates a huge business opportunity for RadyatamaEmbracing the opportunity, Dyandra Promosindo took an action by turning its prior primary division into an independent subsidiary company under Dyandra & Co. In 2006, Radyatama was officially established.